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Mobile application development for real-estate agents

Mobile apps and iPhone applications have become the most popular choices in the field of software development these days. The fact is that in the present day market scenario it is a well known fact that most people are inclined towards using smart phones, android phones and iPhones. With the increase in the usage of such devices it has also become increasingly important to develop various applications compatible with such devices for more usability and productivity.

Not only do the mobile applications help the common users to increase the usability of their smart phones but also with the help of proper applications it is a lot easier to promote or perform certain business activities as well. As for example with the help of an efficient mobile app it is quite possible to increase the productivity and efficiency of a real-estate agent as well.

The fact is that these days the use of such applications has increased in a wide scale. With the use of proper application it is a lot easier for a real-estate agent to increase the volume of their business. In fact this can be really a great tool for the real-estate agents to promote their business because with the assistance of a mobile application it is a lot easier to communicate with the customers and to find the best available options for the customers.

A real-estate mobile application can include several features. However, to get the best solution in this respect the most important thing to do is to look for the best and affordable mobile application developers who can provide the most suitable options.

As it is commonly known that mobile app development is often quite an expensive process and more features you wish to add, the price range will rise higher automatically. Therefore, the best thing that can be done in this respect is to look for an affordable solution while keeping in mind the quality and effectiveness of the application. Not only that, it should also be kept in mind that the application is user friendly so that the users feel comfortable in using the application.

A real-estate mobile application needs to be integrated with GPS tracking system to find the desired location. It is one of the most essential parts of such an application. Apart from that there are several other features that can be integrated in the application. Like full personalized photo, profile etc.

An exclusive property listing is also an integral part of the having a real-estate mobile application. Apart from that it is also essential for the real-estate agents to generate separate QR codes for each property which can be distributed among potential clients. There should also be certain free analytics features available to get feedback from marketing campaigns.

Therefore, the fact is that with the help of proper marketing strategy and the assistance of an efficient mobile application it is a lot easier for a real-estate agent to generate more leads which in turn is the best means for more potential business generation.


Besides all the entertainment and widget apps, we are providing services of Mobile app development for real-estate agents in Australia. The mobile app will be compatible for both the Android and iPhone users and is specifically designed after catering the need and demand of real estate agents in Australia. The app will help not only to make them famous but will also do the marketing of their properties even you can add features of your choice to this app and that what it makes it different from other apps.


Some of the interesting features of app are that it is a cheap app development with no contract and is currently discounted. If the app is not according to your requirement we will give you money back guarantee without asking any question. We use simple yet advanced technology for development that will help to keep you ahead in the game. The App will send unlimited Geo fencing push notification only to the specific designated clients around the property and will be fully personalized according to your need and also include your profile and photo as well. It is also incorporated with QR code `that will help user to decorate and personalize their visiting cards as well as leaflets. The QR code will not be same for every property instead it will have a separate QR code for each and every property that will help in easy distribution to potential clients.

Additional Features:

Some of the additional features of the app are that it provides free analytics that will help to provide feedback on marketing campaigns. The property presentation is clear and sensibly designed with easy navigation and there are separate tabs for each response for example there is a tab of events that will include schedules of open house and auctions. You can directly contact to your local nearby buyers and sellers with the help of in-built GPS directions and call button incorporated in this app. It also shows point of interest for your buyers around listed properties. Contact form and mortgage calculator is also available. For bulk email marketing there are also sign up buttons for newsletters. One of the wonderful features of Mobile app is that you can also share your listings on Twitter and Facebook. There is also a smart photo gallery tab that contains the photos of your properties along with their descriptions along with the tab to send photo for the estimation of potential properties. It is also incorporated with tab of automatic local news generator. This is a wonderful Mobile app with unique and different features even you can add more marketing services on request.